danielle lao


University of Southern California Tennis 09'-13'


Author of The Invaluable Experience 


Two Time Singles All-American 


Back to Back Pac 12 Team Champion 


Tennis is something I do, but it does not define me. How I act and treat people are what make me who I am. Every day is just an opportunity to keep redefining that definiton.  


God is so good. 


I cannot say enough about my family, friends, and coaches who are my platform to reach for my dreams. 


It is never my intention to appear like I have it all figured out.


Full disclosure: I write merely to tell a story in hopes to somehow touch the human soul. 



Motto in Life: "Don't run for the hills. Face the Music." 


Twitter : @thelittlegiant


Instagram: @thelittlegiant 



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the invaluable experience

Note from Danielle:


My intention of putting together this book is to serve as a voice for all college graduates who believe that playing a college sport is an opportunity of a lifetime. Every kid dreams about being a professional athlete, because those are the heros they see on TV, the internet, and even in stores. My hope is that one day I can have enough power to change a few minds, so that more kids actually start dreaming about playing for a college. College is such a great platform for young indivdiuals to grow as athletes and as people in general. The relationships and experiences you attain from playing a college sport are ones you take with you beyond your athlete years.





Note from Rick Limpert:  


Danielle is what college sports are all about. This book is bigger than just the sport of tennis, as it has crossover appear for anyone looking to play sports in college.





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