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Quarantine Chronicles Part 3 of 6: Video Projects

Video Projects

I worked on a couple video projects for KSWISS during this time.

The Passion project pushed me to dig for meaningful words that resonated with me. I find myself to be someone who lives with great passion, but it was challenging to articulate it in a video with a 60 second limit. This was truly an amazing exercise for valuable internal work.

The Harry Potter video was loads of fun. Nam and I had a great time brainstorming and shooting footage that interlaced the two themes of Harry Potter and tennis. It was cool to receive nostalgic reactions from my peers.

Both projects were a great opportunity to experiment with a new craft. It definitely helped to keep the creativity juices flowing. The quarantine routine can get stale, so I feel it is important to give ourselves the space to expand our minds in ways we are not typically accustomed to.

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