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Quarantine Chronicles Part 6 of 6: Training

This one is probably the least interesting of all, but the one I am most proud of. It has not been easy to continue to practice and train with the current restrictions pertaining to COVID 19.

I haven't seen a weight room in months, so I supplemented my strength training with resistance bands. Running outdoors is great for cardio, but I have found (the hard way) that I can't do it everyday and maintain healthy legs for my tennis, so I bought a stationary bike. Local parks where I usually practice are periodically locked up, but thankfully I made friends that let me hit balls in private places.

The mental upkeep has been hard work in itself too. With no real start date, a player can feel distant from their goals and dreams. Some days I wake up and drag myself into my workout where I put my headphones on and just grind.

Usually by the end of the session, I've heard some inspirational podcast thought or had some self revelation amidst the adrenaline rush. It is then I'm reminded that nothing makes me feel more alive than investing in my goals. Although things seem to be on pause at the moment, I still feel that spark thinking about all I want to achieve.

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